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National Commission - Certification of Crane Operators
The Crane School fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and will prepare candidates for the certification examinations.
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As always, it was an honor and pleasure to be in Bud Wilson's class. Thank you for your patience, knowledge, and insight. Please know that I appreciate your work, and everything you do for us. - Southern California Gas
Carlos Bernal
Pico Rivera, CA
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Crane Operator Courses
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NCCCO Certification Class for Mobile Crane Operators in Jacksonville, Florida
The prep class is January 13-14, 2018 and this includes one practical exam for the swing or fixed cab or Lattice Boom. The written exam is Computer...

CCO Certified Rigger Courses at The Crane School...
As un-certified riggers scramble to comply with an OSHA mandate that turns a once-optional certification into a requirement, The Crane School is...

Signalpersons NCCCO Certification Training Program Offered
With a rising number of business owners loosening their belts and ending hiring freezes, industry experts say they expect a steady demand for...

The Crane School A Leader in Crane Operators NCCCO Certification
One study, conducted by Cal-OSHA researchers, showed an 80 percent drop in crane-related fatalities after a mandate forced a state-wide crane...

The Crane School Offers Riggers NCCCO Certification
New changes in regulations from OSHA is one of the top reasons The Crane School offers NCCCO Certification for Riggers to corporations of all...

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Crane Operator Courses

The Crane School offers crane operator courses that can be administered on-site or in the classroom with hands on learning for students. What training programs does The Crane School offer for crane operator courses?

COO Written Exam Prep Class - this is a crane operator course designed for COO written exam candidates. This crane operator course consists of two eight-hour days of classroom training designed specifically for the COO written exam.

Practical Operating Exam - this crane operator course is available for Lattice Boom Cranes, Large Telescopic Boom Cranes (swing cab), and Small Telescopic Boom Cranes (fixed cab).

Crane Safety & Rigging - this crane operator course is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of OSHA and ASME/ANSI standards.  This is offered as on-site training class and open enrollment. Note: The Crane School often arranges for a test site and registration for the written and practical exam.

The Crane School offers training on-site and in the classroom. We offer courses in all 50 states in the US. Instructor Bud Wilson has been a crane operator for more than 35 years with an accident free work history. Wilson can effectively comm
unicate the class material to students using terminology they know and understand. Using an instructor who has experience in the field is best for students because Wilson can talk to crane operators using real life on the job experience and knowledge.

Wilson's extensive knowledge of OSHA and ANSI/ASME regulations for governing lift equipment backed by his career experience as a crane operator, crane operator course instructor, and a consultant for attorneys and insurance companies regarding accident investigations makes him the best candidate to teach students.  Wilson has trained an certified operators for many large national corporations like Duke Power,  Mobile Oil and more. To see a complete list of Bud Wilson's qualifications, view our Crane School Qualifications page.

Not sure which crane operator courses are right for you? Call The Crane School to learn more about our crane operator training programs.
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