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National Commission - Certification of Crane Operators
The Crane School fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and will prepare candidates for the certification examinations.
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Bud Wilson and The Crane School offer the best training available today. I've been a Crane operator for 35 years and have seen the industry grow beyond anything I could have imagined in 1975. In those years I've had to sit through hundreds of classes (read; endure for most) on crane operations, rigging and general safety. I find Bud's classes to up to date,...
Louie Hanna
Kennedy Space Center, FL
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NCCCO Certification Class for Mobile Crane Operators in Jacksonville, Florida
The prep class is February 24-25, 2018 and this includes one practical exam for the swing or fixed cab or Lattice Boom. The written exam is Computer...

CCO Certified Rigger Courses at The Crane School...
As un-certified riggers scramble to comply with an OSHA mandate that turns a once-optional certification into a requirement, The Crane School is...

Signalpersons NCCCO Certification Training Program Offered
With a rising number of business owners loosening their belts and ending hiring freezes, industry experts say they expect a steady demand for...

The Crane School A Leader in Crane Operators NCCCO Certification
One study, conducted by Cal-OSHA researchers, showed an 80 percent drop in crane-related fatalities after a mandate forced a state-wide crane...

The Crane School Offers Riggers NCCCO Certification
New changes in regulations from OSHA is one of the top reasons The Crane School offers NCCCO Certification for Riggers to corporations of all...

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The Crane School - A Place of Learning

35 years as a crane operator with an accident free work history

Trained and certified (hands on and classroom) Operators for companies such as Duke Power, Mobile Oil, Martin Marietta and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Halliburton, SDGVE, Sempra Utilities, Boeing, Hawaiin Electric, Amron International

Taught Crane Safety programs for OSHA Compliance Officers, Engineers, Management Personnel

Possess extensive knowledge of OSHA & ANSI/ASME regulations governing lift equipment

Consult with attorneys and insurance companies as Expert Witness regarding accident investigations

Established reputation for the ability to communicate with operators
Talent for creating a stimulating, challenging, learning environment


Qualified under ASME B30.5 as a qualified person who, by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work.

Crane Certification Association of America
      - Inspect and certify lift cranes
National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators
      - Certified as a Practical Examiner

Certified by the NCCCO as a Crane Operator holding all 4 Mobile Certification Designations


2002 to Present     The Crane School, DeLand, FL
President/Training Director - Conduct Crane Operation and Crane Safety Training.

Preparing Operators to take the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) - Written exam, including testing Operators with the practical operating exam.

Site Supervisor Crane Safety Procedures

Safety Classes on correct rigging procedures, job site considerations, power line awareness, the importance of proper record keeping, and other crane safety related programs.

1999-2002     Maxim Crane Works, Orlando, FL
Safety Director - Implementing safety policies and procedures. CDL compliance.

Instructing Operators in CCO procedures. Maintaining a requirement of certification. Conducting weekly and monthly safety meetings.

1993-1999     Carlisle Cranes, Orlando, FL
Crane Rental Senior Operator - Qualified as an Accredited Examiner for the NCCCO to test Operators. Prepare test site and conduct practical operating exams.

1991-1993     The Crane School, Orlando, FL
President - Coordinate and instruct crane safety and rigging classes nationwide. Develop programs and curriculums and assemble training materials.

1989-1990     Brasfield & Gorrie, Orlando, FL
Operator - 4000 Tower Set pre-cast and architectural stones, pour concrete, construction crane operations

1988-1989     David Jones Builders, Inc., Del Ray, FL
Operator - 50 Ton P&H R.T., 70 Ton Crawler
Placement of forms, steel, concrete, etc.

1987-1988     Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc., Las Vegas, NV
Operations Superintendent & Operator - Test Site Facility Heavy Lifts with Manitowoc 4600 Series Two-Five, Ringers, 4600 Series Five Truck Crane, 3900 W.T. Truck Crane, 300 Ton Lima Truck Crane, 4600 Series Five Lampson front end attachment.

1981-1987     Adams Cranes (Crane Rental Service), Orlando, FL
Senior Operating Engineer - Manitowoc 4100 Series Two Tower Attachment (483 foot boom and tower), 4000 Manitowoc Tower, hook work. Hydro Cranes (Grove 18-125 Ton).

1980-1981     Peter Kiewit And Son's Construction, St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, Ft. Pierce, FL
Operating Engineer - Manitowoc 4600 Series Two, 4500, 4000, 90 Ton Lorain, Offshore pipe layer. Operated 86-ton hydraulic pipe trailer, pile driving.

1976-1980     Wilhoit Construction, Greenville, SC
Operator Superintendent - Heavy lifts with a variety of cranes. Traveled to various job sites.

1970-1976     Corbett Cranes (Crane Rental Company), Daytona Beach, FL
Operating Engineer - Pontaine stationary Tower Crane 160 feet of boom, 290 foot tower. Crawler cranes from 300 tons-40 tons, Hydro cranes from 75 tons-15 tons, Friction Riggs from 300 tons-30 tons. Hook work, concrete and steel.

1968-1970     B. B. McCormick, Jacksonville, FL
Second Shift Superintendent - Six large drag lines for cooling canal at Turkey Point Nuclear plant. Sewer system pipe laying foreman, operator for drag lines and pile driving.


U.S. Air Force - 1955-1959 - Aircraft Engine Mechanic - Honorable Discharge
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