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National Commission - Certification of Crane Operators
The Crane School fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and will prepare candidates for the certification examinations.
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The City & County of Honolulu has received excellent information and training from 'THE CRANE SCHOOL' in preparation for the NCCCO written and practical examinations. We highly recommend the services that The Crane School has to offer. - Benjamin K. Pila, Driver Improvement Coordinator Department of Facility Maintenance, City & County of Honolulu
Benjamin Pila
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NCCCO Certification Class for Mobile Crane Operators in Jacksonville, Florida
The prep class is January 13-14, 2018 and this includes one practical exam for the swing or fixed cab or Lattice Boom. The written exam is Computer...

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The Crane School A Leader in Crane Operators NCCCO Certification
One study, conducted by Cal-OSHA researchers, showed an 80 percent drop in crane-related fatalities after a mandate forced a state-wide crane...

The Crane School Offers Riggers NCCCO Certification
New changes in regulations from OSHA is one of the top reasons The Crane School offers NCCCO Certification for Riggers to corporations of all...

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The Crane School - A Place of Learning

The Crane School A Leader in Crane Operators NCCCO Certification
The crane operators NCCCO certification programs studied in preparatory programs at The Crane School have repeatedly been shown to improve crane safety in significant, quantifiable ways, according to online sources and the findings of multiple studies.

One study, conducted by Cal-OSHA researchers, showed an 80 percent drop in crane-related fatalities after a mandate forced a state-wide crane operators NCCCO certification. The results were recorded over the three-year period from 2005 to 2008 - the same period that followed the State of California's certification requirement and not long after catastrophic job site accidents forced industry officials to reevaluate the existing regulations.

Industry experts, weighing in from such online sites as, tout certification as "the final link in a process designed to educate people in the correct ways to operate cranes."  "Well-trained crane operators and related tradespeople - with independently verified knowledge and skills - make fewer mistakes and, therefore, have fewer accidents than those with less or inferior knowledge," say authorities on the site.

Although certification is an OSHA requirement, it also serves as a tool to help busy management at downsized companies quickly and accurately evaluate an applicant's qualifications to determine whether the job seeker is a good fit for the company.  "In this way, any time an operator presents a valid CCO certification card, the employer can be assured that the holder of the card has demonstrated competency for crane operation according to established written, practical, and medical criteria," say representatives of the NCCCO.

The NCCCO offers certification for mobile crane operators, tower crane operators, overhead crane operators, and articulating crane operators. Applicants in any of the fields must meet physical requirements and pass both written and practical exams specific to the specialty.  All NCCCO certified crane operators must renew every five years and adhere to the organization's stringent code of ethics and substance abuse policy.

More than a piece of paper

A crane operators NCCCO Certification can act as more than an industry requirement or educational opportunity, it serves as a well-defined goal to which anyone with the proper training can aspire.  In other words, skilled tradesmen in search of a new employer or upward mobility can get an edge by earning certifications that compliment existing skills and growing demand from industry growth. Many job seekers complain of a perceived Catch 22 in the world of skilled tradespeople: Experience is required in order to get the job, but getting the job is the only way to gain experience, right?  Wrong.

Take control of your future. Building a career in a skilled or professional trade requires initiative.
By offering crane operators NCCCO certification, institutions like The Crane School provide motivated professionals a chance to grow, a chance not only to emerge extremely marketable, but a chance to become a necessary part of the company, a chance to become absolutely indispensable.
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sean j. Posted September 24, 2013 // 6:55 PM Reply
when is a class going to start ,where and how much
Lonzell B. Posted October 19, 2013 // 12:06 PM Reply
how much is the class?
perry j. Posted March 24, 2014 // 9:24 AM Reply
Hello I'm seen to upgrade my Crane License Certification to NCCCO Crane operator.I need to know do they have any schools in Louisiana or were is the nears school to Louisiana.
perry j. Posted March 24, 2014 // 9:29 AM Reply
How much is the school cost do they have any school in Lafayette louisiana
randy d. Posted November 18, 2014 // 4:33 PM Reply
I like to sine up for shool
rodney c. Posted March 04, 2015 // 10:03 AM Reply
where's the closing school to me to go too

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