Supervisor Crane Safety and Rigging

Supervisor Crane Safety & Rigging Program – 1 Day
Meets and exceeds OSHA course requirements.

Topics covered in this Program:
Crane safety Pre-course survey.
Safe operating procedures, OSHA 1926.1400, ASME, ANSI
Pre-operational inspection and checklist
Pick and carry operations
Preparing for a critical lift
Two or more cranes involved in the same lift
Hand signals. Crane signals using radios
Overhead power line clearance
Suspended personnel platforms, OSHA, ANSI, ASME
Process of calculating load capacities for different loads
Pre-site and equipment inspections
Crane inspection requirements pertaining to OSHA, ANSI. ASME
Identification of Crane types
Causes of Crane accidents
Crane application – using the correct Crane for the job
The principles of stability
Structural vs. Stability capacities
Quadrants of operation ( lift areas )
Deductions; what are the effective weights
Range diagram, Boom length, Boom angle, and Load radius
Parts of line. Determination of capacity
Basis for load chart ratings
Pre-lift considerations