Reviews from our former students.

The Crane School


The Crane School provides training programs designed to prepare candidates for NCCCO written and practical exams.  The following testimonials (in whole or in part) are from various clients of The Crane School.

“Great knowledgeable instructors. Great equipment to learn on. Would recommend for new beginners or experienced operators to learn.

Cameron Keeney
Graduating Student

Can’t say enough good things about The Crane School! The instructors Antonio, Nick, and Tony are extremely knowledgeable and know what they’re talking about. Would recommend this school to anyone!”

Devin Wimberley
Graduating Student

Had it not been for The Crane School’s preparation training, we would have never made it.

Greg Peters
Huddleston Crane

“The crane school is a awesome place to go and learn about cranes and how they run and operate. Their goal wasn’t just to teach us how to pass the exam, they wanted to give us a good starting foundation to be the best future operator’s we could be.

Mackenzie Dunn
Graduating Student

“The City & County of Honolulu has received excellent information and training from ‘THE CRANE SCHOOL’ in preparation for the NCCCO written and practical examinations. We highly recommend the services that The Crane School has to offer.

Benjamin Pila
Driver Improvement Coordinator Department of Facility Maintenance, City & County of Honolulu

“Bud Wilson probably is the best instructor in the nation.We were really impressed with him.

John Mote
Senna Tree Company

My experience with The Crane School was second to none. I have been to numerous crane and rigging courses and found the instructor to be the most informative instructor with hands-on knowledge. He talks in operator terminology. If someone was to ask me where to go to be trained to pass the CCO exams; my answer would be The Crane School! Thank you!” ”

Matthew Glavin
San Diego Gas & Electric

“As always, it was an honor and pleasure to be in Bud Wilson’s class. Thank you for your patience, knowledge, and insight. Please know that I appreciate your work and everything you do for us.”

Carlos Bernal
Southern California Gas

“The Crane School offered the best training available today. I’ve been a Crane operator for 35 years and have seen the industry grow beyond anything I could have imagined. I’ve had to sit through many classes (read; endure for most) on crane operations, rigging and general safety. Take their class, pay attention and you WILL pass the CCO written exams.

Louie Hanna
Kennedy Space Center

In the classroom, The Crane School instructor answered our questions in a way that we could understand and explained why it made sense to do it that way. The experience the instructor had in operating cranes for a lot of years really showed us that he is very knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate. We are sign people and only handle our sign equipment. After viewing the NCCCO practical video we were concerned that we would not be able to pass. On the practical site we were required to operate the crane in a manner that we have never been required to do. I was totally amazed that the instructor got on our crane that he has never touched and was able to totally control the movements like he had been on it for years.”

Martin Lewis
Lewis Signs, Indianapolis, IN

“Bud, what can we say other than a HUGE thank you! You are definitely the smartest, most knowledgeable and patient teacher. The class was very informative and it was our pleasure to have you come here. Anyone taking your class is sure to pass. You have a gift. Thanks Again.”

Carey D’Amico
Hunter Crane, Pompano Beach, FL

“For over a decade, Ameron Hawaii personnel have been trained by The Crane School. The Crane School’s curriculum and information are excellent. Many of our employees have problems taking written tests, but the instructor consistently got the information across so they can pass the NCCCO exams, regardless of their education level or native language. We tried other training programs and trainers before going to The Crane School and will never switch. We found the best, and most cost-effective solution to our training needs.”

Linda Goldstein
Ameron International, Honolulu, HI