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Initial Mobile Crane Operator Training Program – 5 Weeks
03:54pm April 4, 2022 to 03:54pm March 1, 2022

The Mobile Crane Operator & NCCCO Certification 5‐Week training program provides the appropriate

training for new and existing crane operators who are working toward becoming a professional mobile crane operator and to obtain the NCCCO operator certification for lattice boom crawler and truck cranes and telescopic boom cranes with a swing cab and with a fixed cab. The following schedule applies for the 5-Week program:

  • Week 1 – Initial mobile crane operator classroom instruction (with some hands‐on instruction).
  • Week 2 – Mobile crane operator hands‐on instruction.
  • Week 3 – NCCCO written exams (Monday morning) followed by Mobile crane operator hands‐on instruction
  • Week 4 – Hands-on instruction and practice
  • Week 5 – Hands-on instruction and practice with NCCCO practical exams on Thursday and/or Friday.




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